Branding Is Personal

Creating brand identity, it’s like meeting a person for the first time. If the product has personality and design language is expressed throughout, people are going to remember that sentiment. We are constantly inspired by everything, including industrial design, architecture and everything involving modernism. We use a lot of geometry in our designs as well as organic shapes, but we try to simplify things as much as possible. Our process for designing a brand starts with listening to what the client has to say and their needs. And from there we start brainstorming. The catching part is always important for us because it’s much faster to just doodle something quickly on a piece of paper than jumping into the computer immediately. Once that is at a good point, we can take that into the computer and begin exploring the way.
Usually logos don’t end up looking exactly like what they looked on the sketch, but they’re always a good start. It help us visualize proportion and things like that. We enjoy a lot of packaging projects because it involves everything from creating the brand to posters and any kind of touchpoint that involving a brand.
Oftentimes it takes a strong personal brand to even garner the influence necessary to build a business, run a country, raise awareness or make a change, and that’s because people like you and me have always been the core of a brand, Before we had corporate brands, we were selling goods and services to each other. Meaning if I’m selling apples and my apples are trash, what are you gonna say? Your apples are trash. It’s not the apple’s fault it’s my fault, so no matter if you are a product, a company, or a person, the purpose of brand is to build valuable relationships by providing experiences that people enjoy.
The first thing to know is that most of us don’t want to stand out. So that uncomfortable feeling that you have is absolutely normal. We’re humans, that we are social creatures who are used to sunning with the pack, right? But in today’s global economy it’s imperative that you stand out. You need to use your skills and your personality to connect with people and promote your personal brand because you are valuable.
So now that you know what your personal brand is , you have to start thinking about how you’re gonna promote it. People do business with people who they know like and trust. We have to get your qualifications out there so that people know who you are and the value that you bring.  Today a lot of employers and hiring officials have hundreds of resumes in front of them. Many of these people have the same strength as you do. You need to think about exactly what they’re looking for who these people are. Who holds the key to the door of opportunity? Be human. Be personal. When someone’s looking for somebody who they can relate to it’s gonna be something very personal that stands out and connects you with them. So think big. Don’t do the same thing as everybody else does, because that’s not how you stand out. You stand out by knowing who you are, knowing who your audience is and knowing who your competition is. Not so you could do what the competition does, but so you could do it differently.
How do you pitch yourself? Most of those people probably didn’t start off with the resources that they needed to have to turn that idea into a reality. For that idea to make it into my home they needed somebody else, somebody to believe in them, believe that they are the best person to implement this idea. So when you are pitching yourself, I don’t want you to get wound up in the details of the idea because, guess what? People do not invest in ideas. People invest in other people so you have to show up, be human and connect with your audience, because that person is the hero to your dreams.
It takes about 7 impressions before someone remembers your brand. Today that number has doubled. Meaning that we have to think about more and different ways to reach a target audience. The good news is that we have technology, the internet and social media to help us achieve those goals. Today people can scale like products. We can be in all places and in all forms, all at once. Maybe we’ve even met before. Whether it was on YouTube, LinkedIn , at an event or a dating app. Our personal brands are all over the world. The best way to house all of these digital assets, such as our social media our bio and maybe some clips from speaking events is a personal media kit. A personal media kit is just a short PDF document and I want you to think about it like your home. All of these digital personas should be similar because they all represent your brand. Like a room in your home, each offers a different experiences but each one is also curated by you.
Personal branding is a lifetime journey, that all of us are building our brands as we go. That also means that none of us have a perfect personal brand, it just doesn’t even exist, we’re human! We’re constantly evolving and our brands are evolving with us. Personal branding is a tool because it allows you to spend less time trying to market yourself and more time building relationships. And as you build those relationships, and these opportunities come, remember to always reach back and thank people. Because that is what it’s all about each other.

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