The Digital Way: Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

Everybody is talking about digital marketing these days. You will constantly hear things like “up your digital marketing game or your business won’t succeed.” It is a daunting thing to hear of course, but what really is digital marketing? Why has it suddenly become a driving force today and why is it important for you? This article is for those who are enamored by digital marketing but do not know how to start, and for those who find themselves wondering what the hype is all about…..

Social Media

Developing Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Instagram is the hottest platform around, and everyone these days wants to know how to maximise it for their business, and it’s no secret why: over one billion people use Instagram. 35% of all US adults use the Facebook-owned Instagram and more than 80% of its user base is made up of people living outside the US. Not only does Instagram have a lot of users, they’re engaged. Over 60% of users log in daily & every day 80 million photos are shared.
Instagram is a full-fledged global platform, where brands can humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products and inspire audience……
Web Design

Improving Website Performance

Managing a website can be complicated and technical but taking the time to optimize your site, will help you achieve the business goals that you care about. Website optimization encompasses all of the technical and marketing techniques used to acquire traffic, engage visitors and then convert them into prospects or buyers.
People love things that are fast. The delivery speed of your takeout order. How quickly your airplane gets from point A to point B. And guess what. People love fast websites too. So whats is website performance. Website performance is the speed at which web pages are downloaded….
Web Design
Reducing Page Size And Increasing Load Speed
The first criteria to look at when optimizing your website is the overall load speed. Load speed is the time it takes to fully display the content on specific page. Best-in-class web pages should become interactive within 5.3 seconds. That’s how long people are willing to wait before they start clicking that back button and finding a different website that loads faster. Does your website take longer to load? If you’re not sure, head on over to Website Grader to…..
YouTube Monetization
Setting Goals and Expectations for your YouTube
When you start using YouTube for marketing or to create an additional revenue stream, one of the first things to think about is setting goals for your YouTube channel and creating some expectations for what you are going to get out of YouTube. First of all you need to decide, are you using YouTube for marketing or you are using it for monetization, or a little bit of both?
It may be easier to focus on one of the two if you’re just starting out. If you are going to be using YouTube for marketing here are some focus points that you should think about when setting your goals and expectations. One of the most important things in marketing in general and especially using YouTube for marketing is brand recognition……
Branding Is Personal
Creating brand identity, it;s like meeting a person for the first time. If the product has personality and design language is expressed throughout, people are going to remember that sentiment. We are constantly inspired by everything, including industrial design, architecture and everything involving modernism. We use a lot of geometry in our designs as well as organic shapes, but we try to simplify things as much as possible. Our process for designing a brand starts with listening to what the client has to say and their needs. And from there we start brainstorming. The catching part is always important for us because it’s much faster to just doodle something quickly on a piece of paper than jumping into the computer immediately. Once that is at a good point, we can take that into the computer and begi…..
Web Design

Optimizing Web Page Elements

web elements
Let’s dive into the elements on a web page that impact page size. Page size, also known as page weight, is the overall size of the blocked of stored memory that makes up a page. If you reduce the overall size of a page, you will increase the load speed. Minification and compression reduce the overall size of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, but what about the elements that these files actually include? Here are a few best practices for optimizing the elements of your web page to use existing video hosting solutions, compress your images, and make your images responsive. Let’s dive into each of these best practices…..

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